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My trip to the warmth of Florida during a very cold spell in Colorado turned out to be exactly what a person hopes for when they fly off like a snowbird. Excellent timing. I couldn’t have planned it any better. … Continue reading

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The Picture

It is hard to describe the value of a restorative vacation, time away from work and home. I am sitting on a small land point, with a bay on either side of me. Water is smacking the rock wall in … Continue reading

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A New Chapter

For those of you who visited my home in the Black Forest, you understand the tears of the last few days. The house is sold. I have such mixed emotions from letting go of such a beautiful home. I’ll never … Continue reading

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A squirrel raced by on the back-yard fence at break-neck speed. At first, I thought it was some other, much bigger animal, until I realized the fellow was followed closely by two angry birds, one on his tail and the … Continue reading

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