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9-11 Still ?s

I have a question on this anniversary of 9/11. Actually there are a couple questions I need help with. Perhaps someone could suggest a good book to read that would help. The first one is: Why does Iran hate America? … Continue reading

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What Can I Do?

BB the bunny’s life has been a mixed bag lately. On one hand, the neighbor chased him back to my place with a hose and hot sauce spray when he ventured into their garden. (Baby Bunny turned into Bad Bunny.) … Continue reading

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I believe that what I am going to write about today is going to offend some people, but I can’t keep hearing these mis-statements of faith any longer without responding. When a person says they believe marriage is the union … Continue reading

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Off and Running!

The new year has rung in, and for some reason, all of the world’s problems from last year came with it. What’s up with that? I would think we could leave them behind, but oh no, they hitch a ride, … Continue reading

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Madness in March

This year the words March Madness are not contained to the world of basketball. You name the subject, the weather, religion, politics, air travel, train travel, any and every thing, its all mad. Someone please tell me, where did all … Continue reading

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