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To Compost Or Not

A circular economy, where we use, reuse, recycle, save money, and save our planet. I haven’t gotten to read the magazine myself, yet, but I hear National Geographic has devoted its latest issue to helping us with that concept. I … Continue reading

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Recycling & Science

From other people weighing in, I have gleaned some helpful tips on recyclable clothing, and stores that are recycling what they sell. I found a brand of bread I like, Killer Dave’s, that doesn’t double wrap their bread with plastic … Continue reading

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Outside perspective can be so useful. I find when I listen to the problems of others, my own issues become so much less pressing, so much less ‘in my face.’ Thank goodness for that opportunity. I went to ‘Zootopia’ with … Continue reading

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Global Weirding

Every person needs to ask themselves this question, “What do I do to make our world a better place?” If you don’t have an answer, let me help you find one. You, and I, and our next door neighbors – … Continue reading

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