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Joke 19

Since Covid19 and 2020 played a giant joke on the entire world, I don’t think it is necessary for anyone to play April Fool’s jokes this year. We still have plenty of fools around anyway, all those who ignore the … Continue reading

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Summer Slips Away

“Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.” That jingle came to me as I watched water flooding past my house from an inch of rain in 1/2 hour. Plus hail. My granddaughter and I were blowing bubbles on … Continue reading

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Out With The Old

A new year means so many things. I am lugging a stack of manila folders from my desk to the file cabinet. My computer is crashing and while I know what I want to replace it with and everything is … Continue reading

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The Peace of my Silence

One of the life lessons I have struggled to master in recent years is my need to control things or fix things. I have been saying that I am getting better at letting go, and for the most part, I … Continue reading

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