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Strong Together

A wonderful weekend with wonderful friends passed in the blink of an eye. The excess on my desk is fairly well cleared, and the laundry has been folded and put away. With some helpful suggestions from my friends, I am … Continue reading

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Six and a HALF

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. It turned out to be a wonderful, exhausting day of fun with my oldest grandson. At six years old (he would correct that to six and a HALF) he decided to master … Continue reading

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Pointless Drama – oh I mean politics. Same thing really. Outside of politics, I have heard some sayings lately that really resonate with me. One is the native American philosophy that we are “keepers” rather than owners of the land. … Continue reading

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The Alarm is Going Off

On the road again… I am headed home. It seems like it has been a month or two since I was there. The want to go home has changed since last year when the new house wasn’t so much mine. … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage

The feeling of a newborn baby in your arms is like no other. It stirs lifelong emotions, changes to a person that never go away. I guess that’s why humankind has survived so long, because our instinct to protect this … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Role

I had a painful talk with a mother of an adult alcoholic. No matter our children’s problems, big or small, solvable or impossible, we grieve for them. We love them. We try to help, but, and it is a huge … Continue reading

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Grandma Time!

So, just asking, but I don’t suppose sweating from the heat is as beneficial as sweating from working out? Nah, didn’t think so. It was nearly too hot to walk at 8am this morning in Florida. I did it anyway, … Continue reading

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