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The election is underway. Here are the best lines I’ve heard from voters so far. Day One. “Gee, I hope my vote doesn’t get either candidate elected.” Day Two. “There! I’ve voted. Now I need a shower.” I am proud … Continue reading

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November Already

Winter weather is definitely creeping into the pattern. At the farm, we had hot and dusty one day, followed by cold and foggy the next. I can hear the wind blowing this morning. The leaves are swirling around the front … Continue reading

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Reset The Clocks!

Okay, some things a person should not try to accomplish by themselves. Putting UV film on an eight foot glass door is one of those things. Hire it done, or get two helpers, read the directions twice before starting, and … Continue reading

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Bad Behavior

I started to write a blog about a particular adult’s bad behavior and ended up hitting the delete button after re-reading it. I was venting and being judgmental. The venting part is good for me, (that’s how I process). By … Continue reading

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