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A Call

The Aspen colors in the mountains were spectacular on the drive over the Continental Divide. I have never seen the hill across from town of Copper Mountain so beautiful. It was stunning. I wondered if that had anything to do … Continue reading

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Vacation Planning

Yesterday was a long, intense day of work on my book. (Rhyaden is ready as an e-book!) What I did not do yesterday was write a blog, so today you get one of those off the cuff missives written at … Continue reading

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Optimism. The feeling you get when you’re driving across Wyoming and the high-wind- warning goes from 60+ miles per hour gusts to 40+. Small things.  So, you know how it’s trying to be kinda – almost spring? I’ve been wondering … Continue reading

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I’m trying to do a little bit in the yard each of these nice days we’ve been having. There is no frost in the ground, so I was able to transplant a hydrangea, cut down the ornamental grass from last … Continue reading

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Madness in March

This year the words March Madness are not contained to the world of basketball. You name the subject, the weather, religion, politics, air travel, train travel, any and every thing, its all mad. Someone please tell me, where did all … Continue reading

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Sweeping in the Wind

Many topics have come up for discussion during work this week and last. One was rudeness. Some people are just rude. You have to let their attitude go in one ear and out the other. Sometimes, that’s easy, sometimes not … Continue reading

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