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Writing Again

Writing. Writing. Writing. I’m back at it and it feels good. I tried to listen to the last debate and write at the same time. Boy was that not possible. I don’t multi-task as well as I used to, but … Continue reading

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I feel adrift, rocking somewhere in a boat and I can’t see the shore. This boat has no oar, no sails, and no anchor. My anchor is gone. I also feel like I’m living two lives right now. One, in … Continue reading

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Rain in the night

Here I am, doing something I should not do, writing my blog at the last minute. It usually makes more sense when I have edited it a few times. Not today. The emotions of dealing with my mother and sister, … Continue reading

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Ahhh – going to the dentist. What a necessary evil – and we have to pay to do it. Sometimes I wonder how that system got so backwards. After the check-up and cleaning, it took me two hours to hang … Continue reading

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