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Fourteen Inches

In a wry twist of humor, nature dumped fourteen inches of heavy, wet snow on Fort Collins, and dropped the morning temperature to 9 degrees. The moisture is wonderful, I will admit, however the many broken branches around the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Winter Stopped In

The kitchen is “nearly” back together, partially cleaned, and I am totally glad to have the construction over with. I love projects and then I hate the feeling of being invaded and out of control. I think I love projects … Continue reading

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Rhyaden’s Release

Patience. What lessons I have learned on this subject over time. Right now, I’m working to get all the glitches out of my new web-site. Each time I think it’s right, we find something else. When I do launch it, … Continue reading

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Book Club

Book Club meets today. We have read “Killing Kennedy” by O’Reilly for this month’s discussion. I was quite young when the Bay of Pigs incident happened, a disaster for the new President, and then the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis which … Continue reading

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Heavy Heat

The end of this visit is looming. I remember this feeling when I was a little girl on our visits to my mother’s family in Minnesota. I was sad to leave and yet anxious to get home. Right now, I … Continue reading

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