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Recycling & Science

From other people weighing in, I have gleaned some helpful tips on recyclable clothing, and stores that are recycling what they sell. I found a brand of bread I like, Killer Dave’s, that doesn’t double wrap their bread with plastic … Continue reading

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Rake Me!

The IRS must send out their letters toward the end of each week. I say this because I received my latest missive from them to my deceased mother on Saturday. I called the 1-800 number on Monday to see what … Continue reading

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More glorious rain. It came for a couple of hours, gently and straight down, soaking the parched grass spots that were struggling to keep green in this terrible heat. The smell of rain is so soothing. My spirits are lifted. … Continue reading

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A Can of Worms

Thanksgiving is coming! It is my favorite holiday because it is all about those favorite flavors from my childhood – talk about a day devoted to comfort food. My mother was a superb gravy maker. My tradition was leaving the … Continue reading

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