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Once again, I’m going to blame the late Thanksgiving for how fast the holidays are sneaking up. I did get some baking done, and a Christmas light viewing in downtown Fort Collins. The city always does such a wonderful, magical … Continue reading

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Smaller footprint ideas: When your gas lawn mower gives out, weed eaters and trimmers too, replace them with an electric one. I’ve had one for years now, and I’ve never regretted it. Today’s models have even better batteries and can … Continue reading

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Here we go again. I am singing song lyrics this morning. I don’t know why. Maybe the Christmas music has charged my brain in a particular mode for lyrical expression. However, the Christmas decorations are not hopping out of the … Continue reading

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Leave Behind

I am watching an impossible decision unfold around me: the death of an immediate family member and a wedding that’s been planned and looked forward to for a year. I have no answers. I am just so very sorry that … Continue reading

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The progress was slow and my foot hurt. Can I whine a little more? Actually, I can point to several things that got accomplished on this latest trip to my mother’s home, 14 boxes of old paper records taken to … Continue reading

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Pointless Drama – oh I mean politics. Same thing really. Outside of politics, I have heard some sayings lately that really resonate with me. One is the native American philosophy that we are “keepers” rather than owners of the land. … Continue reading

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Global Weirding

Every person needs to ask themselves this question, “What do I do to make our world a better place?” If you don’t have an answer, let me help you find one. You, and I, and our next door neighbors – … Continue reading

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