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Wearing Out

Well, well, well. I was on the floor, doing my stretches, and I put both hands down to scoot slightly. Blam! Hurt my ribs again – only this time they really hurt.  I wasn’t doing anything that should have aggravated … Continue reading

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A New Age

Life has taken a new turn. It always does, eventually. I decided my house was just too big for one person, so I have taken on a house mate. We are having fun navigating the new landscape. I’m also sorting … Continue reading

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Prepping for the Holidays

This is turning into a crazy week. I’m trying not to lose track of when I’m babysitting, when company is coming, and most important, when to get the turkey out to thaw. I did get the outdoor Christmas lights put … Continue reading

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Aging Sucks but Happy Summer!

Big surprise! Well not really. The curvature of my spine has gotten worse over time, so the doc wants me to try using a higher lift. My right I-T band is trying to compensate, and that is where the pain … Continue reading

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A New Landscape

The progress outside in the yard makes up for the lack of progress inside the house. I will say that outside makes me happier than inside, so that is fine until the weather turns cold again. I have a yard. … Continue reading

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