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Australia’s wildfires continue. The threats between the US and North Korea, and the tits for tats with Iran continue. In the meantime, I think we carry on, one day at a time. I’m hoping for us to be the best … Continue reading

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The Dame

The burning of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral made for a very sad day. When I saw the spire topple, my breath stopped. My sadness was the same I feel when anything beautiful is broken, defaced, or left to ruin. … Continue reading

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What Can I Do?

BB the bunny’s life has been a mixed bag lately. On one hand, the neighbor chased him back to my place with a hose and hot sauce spray when he ventured into their garden. (Baby Bunny turned into Bad Bunny.) … Continue reading

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I believe that what I am going to write about today is going to offend some people, but I can’t keep hearing these mis-statements of faith any longer without responding. When a person says they believe marriage is the union … Continue reading

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