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Brains vs Braun

I got a work out in the backyard putting together the rubber edging I’m using to separate the lawn from the new flower beds, or what will be flower beds after I get all the grass dug out of them. … Continue reading

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National Average

Surprise! Surprise! A hummingbird stopped at my purple butterfly bush for a quick snack before moving on. I was sitting out under the awning, listening to the lovely patter of soft rain, so no camera available. Maybe I should get … Continue reading

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I have joined a group of writers, and out of that group have banded together with three of them to critique each other. I think we are a nice fit, and I am excited to read their work. One is … Continue reading

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The workmen did not show up for their appointment. I hate to say, ‘naturally’ – what did I expect, but a lack of customer service has gotten so common. I did get a reply call, after calling them, telling me … Continue reading

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New Things

New careers are exciting. Travel is exciting. Heading home to sleep in my own bed is exciting. There is so much coming up in the next four months, I can hardly get my head around it. Maybe tomorrow, I can … Continue reading

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Sitting outside in the warm humidity of a foggy morning in Virginia, I listened to the birds, the crickets, and the wood peckers in their morning revelry. They have a beautiful habitat here. There are numerous large, very old trees … Continue reading

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My left eye’s astigmatism decided to change again. I thought they had stabilized, but I guess I was wrong. At least both eyes didn’t do it this time. There is a list of things still to be done this summer, … Continue reading

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