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Happy New Year!

2015 is going out with a bang. Horrible weather and resulting deaths in parts of the country. Flooding, tornadoes, ice storms, fires, freezing temperatures, you name it, the country has it somewhere. I am in the midst of adding insulation … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

The house is quiet again. I don’t like it of course, but on we go. The boxes have been torn down. The recycling bin is full. Sheets are washed and the dinosaurs have been returned to their tub. I got … Continue reading

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Blessings Young & Old

Happy Holidays! The snow and cold weather came and seem to be staying for a while. Shoveling, sledding, sipping hot chocolate, all the things that make the season bright – are here tonight. My grandkids on the floor in front … Continue reading

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Dead Battery

At the moment, high above the earth in an airplane, I am wondering what it will feel like to sleep in my own bed. I won’t get to be there long. The next trip is fast approaching, so I plan … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Time has flown. Already my new granddaughter has passed many milestones. If I could, I would build a giant “Walton” like home where all my kids and grandkids could live so I wouldn’t have to miss any of the coming … Continue reading

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My new granddaughter makes a lot of noises when she sleeps. We didn’t have monitors “in my day.” I never heard all these little grunts and groans and growing pains from my kids once they were in their own room. … Continue reading

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Plans and More Plans

Plans, plans, plans. I wonder if anyone has ever kept track of how many plans they have made in their lifetime. I am one who has to brainstorm out loud. It seems to be the only way my brain processes … Continue reading

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