Tune of the Loons

We all know how this happens. Parents do not see the day to day growth of their children, but when Grandma sees them, she can’t believe how they have grown. So to for the occasional visitor to a place they have been going for their entire life. The changes on Lake Minnetonka are startling to me. It is not the numbers of people, nor updating of homes along the waters edge, but the waters themselves that have me shaking my head.

Two plant species along with the hated zebra mussels have invaded the waters here, and propagate at rates that make it difficult if not impossible to contain. The plants especially choke the edges of the lake and detract from its beauty. Rules exist now to try and prevent the spread of the invaders. Too little, too late? We’ll see. As is so often the case, human actions do not foresee their unintended consequences.

I’m watching a water-skier on the lake, a not-so-good nor natural novice who is working hard at getting vertical. Reminds me of me. Getting up-right was the most I accomplished the one time I was taken. I would love to try again, all these decades later, but on second thought (he just fell again), maybe staying in the boat and fishing is more my speed.

Second morning: fog blankets the water. I can’t see beyond the boat tied to the dock 100 feet from the house. I always love imagining what might come out of the fog. Don’t worry, it’s never creepy monsters, it’s a native American in a canoe. Last night a bald eagle circled us several times (we were grilling?). He was fishing and that dive bomb is a spectacular sight to see. The loons were also calling, a soft, eerie melody that fits well with that Cherokee in the canoe.

And so it rows…

About Barbara K Tyner

A graduate of UCCS with a degree in English Lit., Barbara writes Children's Literature as well as mainstream fiction. Her popular children's series, The Badger Books, is co-authored with Barbara's daughter, Laura. Her first novel, "Wait Here, Wait There" deals with grief and Alzheimer's. Her second novel, Rhyaden, a middle grade fantasy released Nov. 2018. Gardening, exploring National Parks, Kayaking, hiking, and snow-shoeing top her list of favorite hobbies.
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