Sprinklers Take Me Back

I noticed some dry lawn and sure enough, one of the sprinkler system stations is not working. The valve must be kaput. That is not something I can fix so I had to call in the experts. Hopefully it will be working again before we leave on vacation. The hot wind and high temperature today is enough to wilt the lawn and newly planted flowers even where it is getting water.
Putting a spot sprinkler on the end of the hose and dragging it around, reminded me of how I used to water the acre of grass we had at the farm. There was so much lawn, I used one of those tractor sprinklers that you set a long line of hose in front of and the sprinkler follows the hose line and moves itself. Those were the days! That was back when I was adding a flower bed every year. I finally realized my folly and reverted a few of those beds to grass. It only took an hour and a half to mow the whole thing with the riding mower. Sitting on that mower was my best thinking time for coming up with new projects, and even better, no one could get ahold of me on the radio. No cell phones in those days.
Speaking of projects, my new home is very close to a thriving, beautiful library. I am always so glad to see the buzz of activity based around books and reading. My book is coming along nicely by the way, except when I am out in the yard or ripping out tile.
Yes, more tile came out today, this time around the fireplace. I haven’t given up on getting the backsplash tile for the kitchen (we only need two more feet of it) but after they sent the wrong color, then the wrong size, and then discovered the manufacturer is only making the wrong size (for me) now, we are down to hunting warehouses around the country for any remaining remnants. I am not holding my breath. It may have to get ripped out too. Life.

About Barbara K Tyner

A graduate of UCCS with a degree in English Lit., Barbara writes Children's Literature as well as mainstream fiction. Her popular children's series, The Badger Books, is co-authored with Barbara's daughter, Laura. Her first novel, "Wait Here, Wait There" deals with grief and Alzheimer's. Her second novel, Rhyaden, a middle grade fantasy released Nov. 2018. Gardening, exploring National Parks, Kayaking, hiking, and snow-shoeing top her list of favorite hobbies.
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