Olympic Heroes

I saw a joke on facebook yesterday. The two states whose teams are going to the Super Bowl, Colorado and Washington, are the two that voted to legalize marijuana. Go figure the odds of that happening. The joke of course, is the amount of munchies about to be consumed out of the ‘super’ bowl! Got to love it. For some reason – I prefer the MJ jokes to the rant heard round the world.

My spring cleaning took me to the cupboard full of VCR tapes. Yes – they are going away – even the classics. It’s kind of tempting to sit down and watch them one more time (I also still possess the VCR player), but on second thought – nah.

What a heart wrenching decision faced by the families of the Olympic athletes. They must decide whether or not to attend the games in Sochi in the face of the terrorist threats. Can you imagine? Supporting your child all those years, driving them to games, paying out the wazoo for their equipment and for admittance to watch them compete through the years, and then not go to their ultimate competition. One athlete told his parents he didn’t want to be worrying if they were safe – so not to cause him distraction, they aren’t going. Wow. Not going would be crushing. I am so sorry that terrorists can hold something as magnificent as the Olympics, something as magnificent as a parent’s love and pride for their child, hostage. Why are their hearts so black?

One of the best times in my life was watching my kids play basketball when they were in high school. In the summer, I loaded up the team in my suburban and drove them to rival schools for practice games. I loaded up a cooler full of goodies to be shared by the team when they headed off to State competition. I followed their bus; I kept unofficial stats; I hosted team suppers. I loved every minute of it. You just try to keep me home, and yet, if my daughter asked me not to come so she didn’t have to worry about me…

Not all of the heroes are going to Sochi.

About Barbara K Tyner

A graduate of UCCS with a degree in English Lit., Barbara writes Children's Literature as well as mainstream fiction. Her popular children's series, The Badger Books, is co-authored with Barbara's daughter, Laura. Her first novel, "Wait Here, Wait There" deals with grief and Alzheimer's. Her second novel, Rhyaden, a middle grade fantasy released Nov. 2018. Gardening, exploring National Parks, Kayaking, hiking, and snow-shoeing top her list of favorite hobbies.
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