Pass It On

In the cooling weather, the gophers have picked up the pace. Every morning brings a new mound, new tunnels and more frustration. Castor oil pellets are effective in moving them out of small areas but I am tired of spending money only to move them around. Only one critter has succumbed to a trap. I am waiting for my house to collapse into a gopher-made sink hole. Caddy Shack had nothing on the Black Forest gophers.

While gophers are my current battle, I am well aware of their insignificance in comparison to what our military faces each day. I have two children in the military – so I know. They face an incredible threat and loss of life because of distortions, lies and lack of respect around the world. I cannot comprehend how we will begin to solve this horrendous problem – other than beginning with ourselves. If each one of us will hold our tongues long enough to be sure we have thought through the consequences of our words; if each one of us will think before we speak ill of others about politics, religion, or race; if each one of us will be absolutely sure that our words will not hurt or offend others – and then teach this to our children – we might have a chance of saving our planet.

I didn’t say country, did I? That’s the rub. We forget that we are not alone on Earth. It isn’t country vs country, religion vs religion, party vs party. We are all of one planet. We will live and die together as part of one planet. Their world is our world and vice versa. What we do affects everyone – everywhere. There have always been wars and I believe – there have always been parents who didn’t bother to teach their children respect for others. Don’t be one of them. It isn’t your way or the highway. Really. It isn’t. Be respectful and pass it on. 

About Barbara K Tyner

A graduate of UCCS with a degree in English Lit., Barbara writes Children's Literature as well as mainstream fiction. Her popular children's series, The Badger Books, is co-authored with Barbara's daughter, Laura. Her first novel, "Wait Here, Wait There" deals with grief and Alzheimer's. Her second novel, Rhyaden, a middle grade fantasy released Nov. 2018. Gardening, exploring National Parks, Kayaking, hiking, and snow-shoeing top her list of favorite hobbies.
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