You know when you start something in a house and it leads to eight more somethings? That is just so true. The painting is almost done, except the baseboard and the cut-in around the ceiling. The problem is the previous ceiling paint job was terrible and very obvious, so before I paint the cut-in, the ceiling needs to be done. One bright note, I’ve finally picked the new carpet. It only took me five years.

I went to my 3 year old granddaughter’s dance recital. Oh my goodness. An hour of driving to get there for her folks (another hour back), getting her dressed, buying the tickets because of the venue where the recital was held, all for two short minutes. Sounds ridiculous, until you see how absolutely precious those two minutes were. I’m so glad for phone videos, because watching it again is just too much fun. The bright blue tutu’s of all those little girls bouncing up and down, little feet pointed, was an image I won’t soon forget.

So, it’s been raining a lot lately, and now I’ve discovered a leak in my roof. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I’ve called a handyman to come take a look and see what the problem is. On the inside, it’s showing around a bathroom fan, so I’m in hopes it’s flashing or something easily fixable.

I spent two hours moving all of my files from a filing cabinet into my new cabinets in the office. I sorted at the same time, so now there is a pile to be shredded as well. Loving the organization, but my enthusiasm has failed. Time to switch to a different job. I could paint – no, no it will take a few days before my mind can wrap around tackling the baseboard. My shoulders have unkinked from rolling the walls and moving the furniture, however, my gumption is still a no go.

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Thoughts on Years Passing

Bobbi Lu & Susie Q

-Bobbi Lu –

-Susie Q. –

Remember when we were kids? Death was far away and not in the circle of our reality. As we grew, we came to understand that death, and endings, and the unknown were a thing. Sometimes, we even come to fear it.

It got me wondering lately, probably due to a lot of death that came knocking on my door. I was thinking about how different I felt now about being older and about what might come after we leave this world. I realized that in my previous years, I hadn’t spent much time thinking about it. It was as though there were layers of insulation around me. And now, the layers are thinner and I can see out more . . . out into . . . well, I don’t know exactly. I sure wonder about it a lot when I never used to…

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Hay Fever

Ker-chew! I sneezed like crazy on the western slope. Spring is weeks ahead of back home on the eastern side of the divide. So much is in bloom, between that and the dust on the boxes I uncovered, it really caused me problems. Still, I was glad to be able to see the beautiful flowers and enjoy my mom’s spring yard one more time.

I watered the lawn like crazy to sustain it over the next weeks while I am gone. The kids who are mowing the lawn for me this summer are going to try and come water once in a while too. They live close and the more they water it, the more times they will get to mow it – so it works out for both of us. It looked far better when I left than when I arrived. Eventually, the house will be up for sale, so I hope to keep the yard looking decent.

Back home, I got boxes unpacked, putting my families Native American art up on the shelves. Many of their collections are amazing. They loved books, antiques, rocks, baskets, pottery, just almost anything old. Not being a collector, I’ve had a difficult time deciding what to keep and what to let go. Not easy choices. I tend to get excited about the tools, not so much about the tea cups and figurines, nor the clocks. I tell you, there are so many clocks of every sort in that house, I was literally flabbergasted. I started a box with just clocks and filled it immediately. I gave up. The same with fans. The list goes on and on.

We’ve hit another cold spell. I’ve been painting my bedroom, so I don’t mind that it isn’t nice weather to be in the garden, but I did mind the hail that fell. Fortunately, we only got small, mostly pea size hail followed by good rain that should bring on lots more sneezes. Spring!

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Penny’s Roses

I got a lot of work done at my house on Mother’s Day, my kind of happy work. I was taken to breakfast and then started in on the ‘cutting in’ portion of painting my bedroom. In the afternoon, I planted three large rocks in my new rock-bed in the back yard. Once they were in place, I planted the lavender and stonecrop I had picked up previously. I wanted them in the ground before I left for Mom’s house. And yes, once again I am over the hill, working on the estate.

This time the goal is cleaning, packing up picture albums and figuring out what all is actually in the storage units – if possible. I’m also meeting with the accountant and hopefully, we finalize all of the estate matters. I have to sort keys too. There are two plastic containers full to the brim with keys, some go to trunks, some go to ???? I have no idea.

Well, I killed the one good vacuum over here. Not a good start to the cleaning process. One sprinkler head keeps popping off, (I thought I had it fixed twice) so once again, I have to call the sprinkler people. Good grief. Compensation: Penny's rosesThe iris and roses are in magnificent bloom, way ahead of mine on the other side of the mountain.

Sixty years ago this month, my parents moved into this house. They were in their late thirties and they built the house to live in forever. It was designed with no steps to the front and back doors so elderly or anyone in a wheel chair would have access. There was a very gradual incline in the front and back patios. One small step from the garage into the house. How fortuitous, since my mother spent the last fifteen plus years of her life using a wheel chair. My sister also used a wheel chair as a walker the last several years, using it to deliver meals to my mother and groceries from the car to the house. Looking back, Dad’s foresight was pretty amazing. 

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Snow in May! ha ha. I don’t mind the moisture but I do kind of mind the cold. There are two flats of flowers waiting patiently to be planted. In the meantime, I have been trying to pick out carpet samples. This is as excruciating as car shopping. I hate both. I’ve put off looking for carpet since I moved in five years ago, and I’m hoping for another hundred thousand miles on my car. I just hate it. I don’t like driving a new car, it makes me nervous. I don’t like the thought of moving all the furniture to put in new carpet. All the way around, it’s a yuck. I know. I know. A first world problem – but my answer to that is the first world is where I live.

I’m beginning to agree that schools should be armed. Please understand, my first reaction to guns in schools is a shiver and a resounding no, however, circumstances have changed. We can’t take away all the guns out there, and criminals as well as crazy people are going to get a gun if they want to make a statement and get their fifteen minutes of fame.  They are, however, likely to choose a place that is not prepared to shoot them back. So, here’s the tough question that thought brings up. Well, really, two different questions. We arm and protect our politicians, we arm and protect our money (banks), but we don’t arm and protect our most precious resource, our children. Our kids are far more important than any politician out there. So, should we arm our schools, and the second question is: what else do we need to arm and protect?

This is where I believe we have to begin some major cultural changes, including sensible gun laws. The media needs to stay away from school shootings. The glory of all that media attention only begs for more copycats to do the same. I’m sure there are other ideas out there too, maybe better ones, and that is what and where the media and we need to focus.

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Everyone around here is reeling from their tax assessment statements that just came in the mail. The increase is ridiculous. There is no way on this green earth that my house increased in value by over a hundred thousand dollars in two years. I’m protesting. I’m not eligible yet for the senior discount, but you better believe I’m applying for it when I am. This city, nor any other, does not need that kind of tax money to spend – or waste as the case may be. The city politicians better be lowering their mill levy or they’re going to get a lot of angry letter and calls – from me.

I took a break from working in the office and went out in the yard. Three hours later I came back in, exhausted. I looked at my desk and couldn’t even remember what I had been working on. Now that’s what I call a break.

I finally got the artwork of my sister Penny framed and hung. I chose 4 of my favorites, three water colors and one colored pencil sketch. They are hanging in the stairwell – opposite our older sister Pam’s self-portrait in oil. It makes me feel sort of complete, having gotten that done. Next week I’ll be putting up a little of my dad’s Native American collection of artifacts, baskets, and pottery, as well as some of his petrified rock. I’m bringing home a few pieces of my mother’s family furniture this summer. The rest of their stuff will be sold at the estate sale. There is just too much to keep it all, but I like having a few of the things they held so dear. It’s a connection. The hard part is finding the balance of enough versus too much. I don’t want to be a collector or a keeper of stuff my kids will have to deal with down the road. Balance. Harmony. Stuff. Balance. Harmony. Stuff.IMG-0411

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Cinco de Mayo

So many things to celebrate this weekend! “May the 4th be with you” and Derby Day on Saturday (I’ve got my hat!), and Cinco de Mayo on Sunday. That calls for a toast of some kind.

Among the goals I’d like to accomplish is hanging my sister Penny’s art work. I had four pieces framed. I know where they’re going, just not exactly how to group them. I repaired drywall where I’m hanging a new light fixture. Amazingly, I’m getting pretty good at duplicating texture. The final step for the indoor renovations is replacing the old carpet. That is almost worse than shopping for a new car. I’ve put it off for the five years I’ve been in this house (which I can’t believe). Sigh. Time to bite the bullet and do it.

The grandkids are gone, which means things have gotten really busy, only partially because they are gone and partially because the weather has warmed up so I can get outside. YARD WORK. Kazaam! It hits all at once. I hooked up the hoses and one of my hose splitter y’s popped it’s top. I have to give it kudos for lasting a decade or longer. I also hit up the nursery for some corkscrew grass – which I just love in pots – and brought home a few other things too. (ehem) I won’t plant anything yet because I saw a snowflake on the forecast. Crazy weather indeed.

My foot is about 90+ % healed. Now what screams are the muscles in the opposite leg. They’ve been walking wrong for four months to protect the foot on the other side and now I’m asking them to walk correctly. No No, they say, we want to walk the way we’ve gotten used to. It’s a battle everyday, because I have to remember to walk correctly too – and well, you know, the memory isn’t what it used to be. Humans are creatures of habit, and I am no exception. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve appreciated the importance of our feet to our well being. This injury has certainly changed that perception.azalea

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